Boho Birthday Bash!

One of our most favorite trending themes this year is boho-chic and were SWOONING over this extravagant birthday bash. What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a Pinterest worthy event?!? Boho chic is totally in style and we're LOVING it!  We asked the designer, Jeri, who made this event possible some Q&A's about this chic celebration!


1. Where did Nicole get the inspo for her boho birthday bash?

"Her birthday is in December so she wanted it to reflect the holidays with the christmas trees, but she also wanted the main purpose of the party to be her birthday. Since she was turning 40, she wanted white to be incorporated into the decor as a new decade, fresh start etc. The boho was kind of to hint at her being a 'goddess', hence the flower crown. We incorporated other celestial elements such as eucalyptus because she read that this year if your birthday was in december you needed eucalyptus (something to do with zodiac, the moon). She also wanted to incorporate cactus because it is 'the modern christmas tree'."

2. What was your favorite decor that Darryl & Co. created for this event?

"I loved how the tree turned out with the stars, the lace garland with strand lights and chinese lanterns. It really set the ambience for the evening."

3. What was most fun about creating this birthday bash?

"Just all of the creative fresh ideas and brainstorming we did from the cake design, to the cute straws. Nicole made the sign that said "Peace and Love" and just all the thought that went into it. Plus making a new friend."

4. What trends would you like to see from this event incorporated into future events?

"I am doing a 'chic cinco de mayo' gala in the spring and we will likely include the lace pendants and cafe lights and the cute cactus!"

What's you're favorite detail from this event? Let us know in the comments below! 

Have a great week!